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are the writings of the Daishonin, our founder. In Nichiren Shoshu, the Gosho writings are upheld as exemplary instructions - a mirror of faith - by which to devote ourselves to faith, practice, and study. We can gain a correct understanding of these writings only by following the directions of our High Priest, who has received the transmission of the essential principles of true Buddhism.



on the second Sunday of every month. In the Oko Ceremony, after the Kenzen offering, the recitation of the sutra, and the chanting of Daimoku, the priest presents a sermon, based on the Gosho. The Oko lecture is profoundly significant. Therefore, it is essential for us to attend this sermon together with our families each month without fail and offer our sincerest gratitude to the Three Treasures.

Nichiren Daishonin

Monthly Gosho Quote

On Remonstrating with Hachiman Feb. 2023

(Kangô Hachiman-shô)

India was called the land of the moon. It is a name, indicating the advent of
Shakyamuni Buddha. Fusô is the name for ancient Japan, the land of the
rising sun. Indeed, how could a sage not appear in this land? The moon
travels from west to east, which is a sign of the Buddhism that originated
in India spreading to the East. The sun rises in the east, which is an
auspicious sign of the Buddhism that emerged in Japan gradually returning
to India. Moonlight, when compared to the sun, is not as brilliant.
Shakyamuni Buddha expounded the true teaching for only eight years.
Sunlight is brighter than the light of the moon, and this signifies that the
Buddhist teaching [of Nichiren Daishonin] in Japan shall illuminate the
infinite darkness of the fifth Five-hundred-year Period. (Gosho, p. 1543)





べき瑞相なり。 (御書1543頁)

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